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Review: Mastering Pasta

Mastering Pasta

Mastering Pasta – Marc Vetri with David Joachim – Ten Speed Press – Published 17 March 2015



Opening with a brief tour of pasta-making in Italy, then moving on to the details of making pasta at home, Mastering Pasta explains exactly how to build doughs from scratch, craft a variety of pasta shapes, then pair them with the ideal sauces and condiments for spectacular finished dishes. This comprehensive guide from a recognized expert is packed with special features, including opinionated sidebars on frequently asked questions (Should pasta always be cooked al dente? To cheese or not to cheese?) as well as advanced preparation and storage notes. Covering all the pasta basics along with risotto, gnocchi, and crespelle, Vetri delves deep into food science and revels the secrets of the very best pasta. For cooks who want to take their pasta-making to the next level, this complete handbook is destined to become a must-have resource.

My thoughts

There is not much I love to eat more than pasta.

Making it is a little more daunting, however. But if you are thinking about taking that first scary step towards strands (or curls or twists or folds) of homemade pasta goodness or merely need some inspiration for your journey, then this is the book for you.

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Review: Flour + Water: Pasta



Flour + Water: Pasta – Thomas McNaughton – Ten Speed Press – Published 30 September 2014


Flour + Water is the ultimate guide to pasta. The book includes beautiful photography, helpful tips and tricks of the professional pasta-making trade. The book begins with a comprehensive introduction to the history of the famed restaurant Flour + Water and the people instrumental in its foundation. These anecdotes are insightful, funny and interesting. What follows is an equally comprehensive initiation into the details of pasta, including basic ingredients and techniques for making a range of pasta doughs and cooking pasta. The rest of the book is devoted to pasta recipes, broken into seasons. This reflects the Flour + Water emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Each recipe is accompanied with an introduction, list of ingredients, list of equipment, serving quantity, store-bought options, detailed instructions and photographs of the finished product and step-by-step images of pasta-making techniques. The book also includes recipes for sauces and stocks, as well as additional anecdotes and information on food processing and preserving techniques.

This is a beautiful and practical guide to pasta making. But be warned, this book is going to make you seriously hungry and madly craving pasta.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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