Bricktastics Review

Do you love Lego? How about your school library users? I bet they love Lego. If you are like me and love having hands-on activities in your school library or makerspace, you probably want to have some Lego. But it can be extremely expensive and hard to buy in bulk. I had the incredible Mel from St Joesph’s Nudgee College recommend Bricktastics to me and I am so grateful she did.

What is Bricktastics?

Bricktastics is an Australia company that sell second-hand Lego. The buy and source pre-loved Lego, sort it into packs and then sell it. They cater specifically to education settings with their bulk packs, and donate to education and children in countries who need it. They have also launched their own Bricktastic Bricks. While based in Australia, they do ship internationally.

First Thoughts

I’ve purchased Lego for a school library before and while I could buy bulk packs of basic pieces, I never could get the students as many minifigs or specialist pieces as they wanted. Things like foliage. Not only do Bricktastics sell in bulk at great prices, you can get as many of those awesome pieces as you need.

Bricktastics came highly recommended to me, so I was keen to buy. I purchased the biggest School and Group pack available. I must admit I had a lot of fun telling everyone I had 30kg of Lego arriving.

And when it did arrive, it did not disappoint. Four boxes packed full with Lego, one with bonus items, including a few books (now that’s the way to a school librarian’s heart.) My school group pack included a massive bag of mixed Lego and packs of themed Lego, including Friends and Superheroes, foliage, minifigures and even animals.

While the Lego is second-hand, it’s all in pretty good condition. There were a few pieces with stickers where you could tell it was pre-loved, but still in great condition, especially for a school library.

If you are worried about sanitisation, Lego can be easily washed. The pieces I received felt clean and we wash our Lego regularly.


The School and Group packs are very reasonably priced. I also got mine when they were on sale, so very affordable. Certainly much cheaper than trying to buy packs of new Lego. There are a range of different pack sizes to suit all budgets.


I love being able to offer my students so much awesome Lego. It opens up opportunities to run our own versions of Lego Masters or let large groups of students use it at one time. I’m also less worried about the inevitable loss of Lego, plus it feels good to be recycling this product, rather than buying new. Highly recommended.