Oh The Places You'll Go 1

Oh, The Places You’ll Go With A Book

Based on the brilliant Dr Seuss title Oh, The Place You’ll Go, this display hopes to capture some of its whimsy and charm.

Oh, The Places You'll Go Cover 1

The original idea for this hanging display came from the large number of 3D balloon, raindrop, clouds and umbrella mobiles available on the net. The balloons look fantastic on-mass, especially when they blow in the wind.

Oh The Places You'll Go 2

The display makes use of the large amount of hanging space available over the circulation desk and the four windows behind the desk. It is easily adaptable for any display space.

This display was also going to incorporate a window painting of the coloured, ringed landmass found on the front cover of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. However, as this display will soon have to make way for Book Week displays, it was decided it wasn’t worth the extra work.


Oh The Places You'll Go 5THE BALLOONS

The balloons were created using a balloon shape outline found on the web. Each outline was printed onto A4 cardboard. One large balloon and two small balloon shapes were fitted onto each page. To make the balloons, each shape is cut out and folded down the middle. Glue is applied to the back of one balloon, to which two balloon shapes (folded in half) are attached. These two are then glued together to complete the shape. Complete instructions for this process can be found on Mrs Peabod. You can create a balloon shape with as many colours as you want. I used three. The balloons for the window are made using the same process, minus the final step of gluing the last two shapes together to complete the circle. This way the flat back of the balloon can be stuck to the window or display board.

Oh The Places You'll Go 3THE CLOUDS

Over the returns slot hangs the clouds, rain and umbrellas section of this display. This doesn’t really tie into the Dr Seuss theme, but I just couldn’t help making these incredibly cute shapes. The clouds, umbrellas and raindrops are made using the same process as the balloons. I was able to make the raindrops from scraps of blue card leftover from the balloons. The clouds were made from A3 cardboard. Again, complete instructions can be found from Mrs Peabod.

Oh The Places You'll Go 4THE FONT

The font that was used for the wording is Grinched. This was printed on A3 cardboard, cutout and laminated.