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Display: Grinch Christmas Display

Grinch Christmas Display

Grinch Christmas Display

Christmas time is nearing and that means putting up the Christmas tree, making wreaths, digging out the Christmas books for display, decorating the library and tinsel. Lots of tinsel.

This is the Christmas-themed display for the school library entrance this year. This quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss is well known, and the students recognise the Grinch both from the book and the movie.

I made this display using a variety of free Christmas fonts and a whole lot of red and green cardboard. It is bright and looks great opposite a display of Christmas books. But maybe it needs some tinsel…

Display: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Oh The Places You'll Go 1

Oh, The Places You’ll Go With A Book

Based on the brilliant Dr Seuss title Oh, The Place You’ll Go, this display hopes to capture some of its whimsy and charm.

Oh, The Places You'll Go Cover 1

The original idea for this hanging display came from the large number of 3D balloon, raindrop, clouds and umbrella mobiles available on the net. The balloons look fantastic on-mass, especially when they blow in the wind.

Oh The Places You'll Go 2

The display makes use of the large amount of hanging space available over the circulation desk and the four windows behind the desk. It is easily adaptable for any display space.

This display was also going to incorporate a window painting of the coloured, ringed landmass found on the front cover of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. However, as this display will soon have to make way for Book Week displays, it was decided it wasn’t worth the extra work.

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