A Little Ray of Sunshine – Kimberly Rae Jordan – The Callaghans & McFaddens #7 – Three Strand Press – Published 28 July 2018




Ryan McFadden warns his BlackThorpe Security team that he senses something wrong with the plan that has been put in place for one of their missions. By the time they realize he’s right, the worst has happened. Trapped in darkness, he has lost track of his teammates as well as the days. Alone, Ryan is left to wonder when—or if—he will ever see his family again. Then he wakes one day to hear a woman’s voice singing a familiar hymn, but is she a friend or foe?

Hannah Walsh had joined a medical mission, CanadAids, to work with refugees in the Middle East. She’d become a nurse in order to help. To have a way to connect with people. Though she’d been aware of the danger, she’d felt it was worth it to serve and to be needed. Wanted. But then came the day when she and two other members of the mission were kidnapped. A year later, Hannah struggles to keep her faith while feeling abandoned by everyone else.

In the darkness, Ryan and Hannah begin a tentative friendship—neither one hundred percent certain that the other can be trusted. But as the days pass and they find things in common, their friendship grows. But as long as they are trapped in a dark room, unable to even see each other, their future seems bleak.

And even if they are rescued, can what began in the darkness, flourish in the light?

My thoughts

A Little Ray of Sunshine is another fantastic offering from Kimberly Rae Jordan. I love returning to the Callaghan and McFadden family, and Kimberly’s books are now automatic preorders for me.

A Little Ray of Sunshine is Ryan McFadden’s story. Readers who have been following the series, will know that Ryan was captured in the last book in the series, and this book picks up where that leaves off – with Ryan still being held by his kidnappers. After months of abuse and wondering if he will ever return home, Ryan is surprised to find he is moved into a cell with fellow captive, Hannah Wells. As weeks of darkness and fear bear down on them both, they find comfort in each other’s presence. When a chance to return home finally seems a possibility, Ryan and Hannah may have the opportunity to discover if their connection will expand pass their imprisonment.

Despite the very tense circumstances the main characters find themselves in, A Little Ray of Sunshine is a contemporary Christian romance novel, and not a mystery-thriller.

It is always a pleasure to return to the wonderful Callaghan and McFadden family. Watching their family grow and blossom is so much fun, and you can feel the warmth and love that they share deep from the pages. While this is a continuing series with plenty of overlapping characters, each book could be read as a stand-alone (you just might need to use the family tree to try and get all the characters, names and relationships straight in your head first).

I look forward to reading book eight in the series, where Tristan Callaghan will get a chance to tell his story and find his own happily ever after.

More information

Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes: Romance, family, belonging, kidnapping, capture, relationships, sexual assault, trust, relationships, parenting.

Advisory: Vague references to physical and sexual abuse.

Published: 28 July 2018 by Three Strand Press.

Format: ebook. 201 pages.

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