Reaching Her Heart – Kimberly Rae Jordan – The Callaghans & McFaddens #8 – Three Strand Press – Published 26 October 2018




Will her heart ever be free to love again? Does she even want it to be?

He had been the love of Shayna Caron’s life. Her husband. Her protector. Her world. But then he was tragically taken from her. As a single parent, her focus is completely on raising their son and trying to provide the best possible life for him.

But is that enough?

It is sensitive and smart young Timothy Caron who first grabs his attention—then he meets the boy’s mother.

Timothy’s fascination with Tristan Callaghan’s latest project brings the pair into Tristan’s world. Though he usually prefers a solitary life, Tristan finds himself wanting this boy and his mom to stay there—in a place where he’s only ever allowed members of his family and a couple of close friends. Though he knows the story of Shayna and Timothy’s loss, he hopes that maybe there is room in their hearts and lives for another love.

But can he risk his own heart before knowing for sure?

My thoughts

Another brilliant book by Kimberly Rae Jordan. I am a big fan of the Callaghan and McFadden series and I love this large family. It is a delight to return to this ever-expanding group with each new story.

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