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Book Review: Turn to Me


Turn to Me

– Becky Wade –

A Misty River Romance #3

Bethany House Publishers

Published 3 May 2022


Turn to Me is the third novel in the Misty Rover Romance series, that has (along with two novellas) introduced readers to the Miracle Five. In this third book, we finally get Luke Dempsey’s story of redemption and facing the hurt and guilt of his past. Readers will also be happy to see Ben get his own happy ending (though he totally should have got his own book. Why didn’t he get his own book!?!).

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Book Review: The Way To Treasure Island

The Way To Treasure Island – Lizzy Stewart – Frances Lincoln Children’s Books – Published 6 June 2019




Matilda and her dad are very different. Matilda is fast and Dad is slow. Matilda is tidy and Dad is messy, and Matilda is quiet and Dad is very, very loud. They’re off to find treasure, but Dad keeps getting distracted. Soon, they’re lost and Matilda is getting crosser and crosser… 

Will they ever find the way to treasure island?

My thoughts

The Way To Treasure Island is a bright and colourful picture book about accepting differences in personalities and enjoying the company of family. It is an adventure story full of wonder and unexpected discoveries.

Matilda is neat, quiet and likes to follow instructions. Matilda’s dad is messy, noisy, often distracted and makes things up as he goes. They love to spend time together, even through they are very different. When Matilda and her dad set out on a treasure hunt, Matilda wants to follow her map, while her dad gets them lost and keeps getting distracted. Matilda’s not sure they’ll ever find the treasure. But as they journey, Matilda and her dad will find they can learn a lot from each other.

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Book Week 2018: Display Ideas

Book Week 2018 – Display Ideas

The theme for Book Week 2018 is Find Your Treasure.

The theme offers plenty of inspiration for displays: literary treasures, pirates, Treasure Island, under the sea and treasure hunts.


Official Artwork

The official artwork for Book Week 2018 has been released. Created by the talented Anna Walker, these gorgeous images are the perfect inspiration for a display.  As well as free email signatures and social media banners, a range of merchandise is available to purchase.

The beautiful setting of children and animals high up in the treetops is stunning. Our library plans to recreate this scene by turning the library circulation desk into a giant tree. Check out this post for more details.

Under the Sea Display

Looking for sunken treasure? Well, under the sea you go. I have always wanted to hang waves of blue fabric from the ceiling of the library, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Coral made from pool noodles, seaweed made from plastic table cloths, and a range of sea creatures made by the students in the makerspace. And every library needs their own mermaid. Check out this under the sea party decor from Press Print Party. 

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