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Ramblings: Students Need School Libraries campaign

Students Need School Libraries Campaign

As a librarian, it’s no surprise that I believe that all students need access to a quality school library run by qualified and enthusiastic staff. Consider reading and all its benefits, exposure to literature that has the potential to expand readers’ lives, minds and world views, and research skills, digital literacy and information literacy, which are even more vital in today’s technology and news-driven world. To me, all of that equals a library. Plus of course, a safe space for young people to retreat to, a place for socialising, a place to receive support, a place of welcome, a place that encourages innovation and creativity.  Okay… you get it… I love school libraries and all their possibility and what that means for our students. Which is why I am a supporter of the Students Need School Libraries campaign.

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Book Review: School Libraries and Student Learning

School Libraries and Student Learning: A Guide for School Leaders – Rebecca J. Morris – Harvard Education Press – Published 4 August 2015




Innovative, well-designed school library programs can be critical resources for helping students meet high standards of college and career readiness. In School Libraries and Student Learning, Rebecca J. Morris shows how school leaders can make the most of their school libraries to support ambitious student learning. She offers practical strategies for collaboration between school leaders, teachers, and librarians to meet schoolwide objectives in literacy, assessment, student engagement, and inquiry-based learning.
Topics include: establishing “makerspaces” and “learning commons” to support student-centered learning; developing a schoolwide focus on literacy across multiple formats and devices; redesigning lesson plans that foster inquiry and critical thinking across classrooms and grade levels; supporting collaboration between teachers and librarians in instruction and assessment; and using the library to strengthen ties between school, family, and community.

My thoughts

As a librarian I am always eager to learn more about the amazing profession I find myself in, how school libraries are changing, and how this should reflect practice. I also love learning about what other school libraries are doing. School Libraries and Student Learning by Rebecca J Morris is a wonderful resource for school librarians and school leaders. It covers a huge range of topics, from the fundamental principles of libraries and librarians, to specialised spaces within the library or learning commons, as well as guides, checklists, and real-life school examples.

School Libraries and Student Learning is written for school leaders. It seeks to highlight the importance of school libraries, school librarians and the way in which these are both integral to an integrated school learning system. There are eight chapters, as well as a school library checklist appendix.

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