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Book Week 2023: Resources, Links and Ideas

Book Week 2023: Resources, Links and Ideas

Book Week is arguably the biggest event in the school library calendar. Book Week gives us an excuse to celebrate reading, Australian literature, school libraries and the people who bring books to children – from booksellers to school library staff, parents, teachers and beyond.

The theme for Book Week 2023 is Read, Grow, Inspire.

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Book Week 2022: Resources and Links

Book Week 2022: Resources and Links

Book Week is often one of the biggest events in the school library calendar. Book Week throws into the light the importance of reading, school libraries, children’s literature and Australian literature. It is a chance to celebrate all of that and more.

The theme for Book Week 2022 is Dreaming With Eyes Open… The theme is decided and announced each year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia and they do an amazing job of creating resources that fit the theme and official artwork.

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Display: Literary Signpost

Literary Signpost + Free Download

Where will your reading take you?
Literary Signpost

Literary Signposts are a wonderful addition to any classroom, bedroom or library. They point (quite literally) to the wonderful worlds that can only be accessed within the pages of a book.

I created this book world signpost a few years ago. Initially it sat in the library's entrance, a colourful signpost pointing to favourite book destinations, and was one of the first things library patrons saw when they walked through the front door. I later moved the signpost into the Junior room and I have repurposed the signs for various projects throughout the years, from a Diagon Alley photo booth to an Alice In Wonderland display

The students love it. I was surprised at how engaged they are with it. They love pointing out the places they recognise (and which books they come from) and trying to walk through to Platform 9 3/4. As soon as I put it up I had suggestions for some that I had missed (Alagaesia and Westmore Middle School were later additions). I have also had students request the 'Wonderland book' or help finding the Narnia books. Other students have wanted copies of their favourite signs. My favourite request was to add signs up the post all the way to the ceiling. With a double-storey space, that could take some time (and a really tall ladder), but it is a challenge I am happy to work towards.

Due to popular demand, I am now making this literary signpost free to download so you can print it and place it in your own classroom, library or even book-themed bedroom. The PDF download is free for your personal use but cannot be shared or used for any commercial purpose. The download includes 17 signs from a range of genres and children's, middle-grade and YA fiction.

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