How to Date a Superhero (And Not Die Trying)

– Cristina Fernandez –

Katherine Tegan Books

Published 2 August 2022



I adored this book. This genius, brilliant, amazing book. I love superhero novels and scramble to get my hands on any I can find. But this is not a superhero book and that’s exactly why it is so brilliant.

This is a book that’s not about your typical hero. This is a book about an ordinary girl, just trying to get on with her life, get through premed university and manage a relationship and a friendship. But it’s also a book that is set in a world where superheroes have been part of the culture and everyday life for decades. It’s normal to have your subway delayed due to a hero-villain fight and downtown is often a mess. But that’s all background to Astrid. Her focus is wholly on her classes, study, revision, assignments and updating her schedule. She is proud that she can fit in a date every now and again with her boyfriend and a room mate night with her friend David. But when a villain smashes through her dorm room window, she discovers her boyfriend Max is actually Kid Comet. A superhero. Warned she might become the target of another villain attack, Astrid must fit dating a superhero and survival classes into her already packed schedule. Is it worth all the drama to date Max?

Astrid is the perfect main character for this story. She’s actually anything but ordinary. She is super smart and super dedicated to her classes, schedule and plan. Discovering that she is dating a superhero is just another thing she has to fit into her schedule.

I loved the idea for this book and the way it pulled it off was perfect. It’s very clear that the world contains superheroes and the action can be seen in the background, but the superheroes, even Max himself never detract or distract from the main hero of this story – Astrid. So clever. Of course, there is still plenty of action and drama. Astrid is kidnapped a few times, involved in roof top battles and even discovers she might just be able to save the day sometimes.

How To Date A Superhero (and Not Die Trying) is the non-superhero novel everyone needs in their lives.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Young adult fiction

Genre: Realistic fiction, action and adventure fiction.

Themes: Relationships, premed, University, dating, roommates, University life, romance, superheroes, super abilities.

Reading age guide: Ages 13 and up.

Advisory: Violence, injury and fighting. Sexual references, references to characters’ sex lives and decisions to have sex, no details.  Frequent coarse language, f*** (25), sh** (33), as***** (8), pi** (2), di** (1)

Published: 2 August 2022 by Katherine Tegan Books.

Format: Hardcover, ebook, audiobook. 416 pages.

ISBN: 9780063114302

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