Professional Learning: Edcamp Cardigan Camp Nov 2021

I’m super excited to be facilitating two sessions in the November 2021 Edcamp Cardigan Camp. Edcamp is a 24 hour online school librarian event, free and open to everyone around the world. There are no keynotes or webinars, just online collaborative sessions led by a facilitator.

The 24 hour, online format makes it a perfect event to connect with school librarians around the world. There are a range of session topics.  You can find the session times on the Edcamp website. Once you register, on the week of the Edcamp, you’ll receive the links to each of the sessions and the Wakelet board resources. 

My sessions

I’ll be facilitating sessions on starting at a new school library and advocating for our school libraries. These are two topics near and dear to my heart and of interest to me recently and I can’t wait to connect with other school library staff to share ideas. 

Could you be a facilitator?

As well as registering as a participant, I’d love to encourage you to consider registering as a facilitator. You only need to create a provide a Zoom link (a free account is sufficient), a Wakelet board for the session (again, a free account works and it took me minutes to set up), and a session topic. You don’t have to provide the content, but maybe just gather a few ideas or questions to keep the conversation going. It would be fantastic to have more school librarians from around the world share their passion for their profession. You can register as a facilitator or a participant on the Edcamp website.

Will you be attending? I hope to see you there.