Professional Learning Opportunities July 2021

Well, we made it through the first semester of the year. I hope everyone is enjoying their school holiday break. If you have a chance to put your feet up, take a look at some of these professional learning opportunities for July 2021. Some of them are time sensitive, others are just what has come to my attention this month. Some are a quick read, watch or listen. Others are bigger time investments. I hope this list is helpful for you. The links are mostly for school librarians or the school library setting, but many are transferable to any library or education setting.

Looking for more resources? Check out my Professional Learning Series.  

Last month's Professional Learning list.

Most of the opportunities below are free and easily accessibly by following the links, others are require a fee.  If you have any suggestions or links, I'd love to hear from you. Comment below or contact me here. 

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Publications and Websites

Issue 3 of the STEM ED magazine is available now. If you haven't seen this magazine before, check out Issues 1 and 2. A great range of STEM ideas for the classroom.

School Libraries are the Only Thing that Matters. This article has been making waves. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Interesting reading.

And here is the research that sparked the article. Predictors of Reading Ability among ten-year-olds.

School Librarians as Literacy Educators Within a Complex Role by Margaret K. Merga. Read it online for free.

Teacher Librarian as Leader: Lessons from the Literature article from Kay Oddone on Linking Learning.

While this is a sponsored post via EdSurge, this Infographic about preparing students for the future with interactive 3D has some great ideas and resources.

An interview with two researchers about their research into the decline of school librarians in the US. 

The Power of School Librarians blog post from Elizabeth Hutchinson. 

Book week judge review Australian non-fiction books

Is non-fiction dead? Insights from a Book Week Judge. A great article about the importance of non-fiction from Narissa Leung on her blog OzLitTeacher.

Beautiful Nooks for More Than Books. A great post from the Melbourne Girls Grammar team.

You might have heard about #OwnVoices. Now the We Need Diverse Books team has decided to not use this term anymore. Find out why in their post. 

Don't Dream it's over; or, A return to cataloguing. A great personal reflection from Alissa on her blog Lissertations Cataloguing the Universe about changing workplaces and the important of updating our library systems to reflect good practice and change racist and problematic practices.

A Day in the Life of a Library Technician. So great to step into the lives of our school library staff. Thanks to Softlink for sharing this.

Love this idea from @cw_athome

The ultimate list of helpful articles for school library professionals from Margaret Merga. You may have heard about this amazing list that Merga has gifted to school librarians. Check it out. Recent (2019-2021) peer-reviewed articles relevant for school library professionals and where to get them for free. 

Does Your School Library Need A Literacy Check-up? From Cult of Pedagogy. This has sparked some great discussion at our school and renewed support for our library.

Webinars, Videos and Podcasts

Which World Is Yours? Navigating the CBCA 2021 Shortlist with Dr Jennie Bales via EduWebinar. 21 July 2021. $30 for non-members.

Dear School Leaders: Why every school deserves a full-time, certified school librarian with K.C. Boyd, Courtney Pentland and Amanda Jones. Live July 7 2am AEST, but watch the recording afterwards on YouTube.


Your Kid's Next Read Podcast with Megan Daley and Allison Tait. You may have seen Megan's live videos or heard of the massive Facebook group of the same name. Check out the latest venture by this amazing team.

The Library Pros Podcast. A podcast I have just discovered. I really enjoyed Episode 86 with Matt Pascoe about the thinking behind Ipswich's new public libraries.

ASLA July Webinar 2021 - Why Representation Matters: The importance of family diversity in Australian children's picture books. 7th July, 2021. $20 members, $40 non-members.

Overcoming Isolation and Building Our PLN podcast with School Librarians United.

Join the Summer Book Club from the Future Ready Librarians. The group is reading Leading From The Library, which you can buy online or find at your local state library. The group has regular webinar meetings to discuss different aspects of the book.

Two social media channels to follow

Are you following @eduwebinar Not only will you get links to the latest webinars happening on the EduWebinar platform, but Karen shares links to some incredible resources and PD events.

Want to see picture of giant cardboard dinosaurs being installed in a children's library? Check out Matt Pascoe's Twitter account @Library_Matt. He is the Content and Experience Director at the Ipswich Public Libraries. They have recently gone under massive rebuilds, so Matt shares some incredible pictures and ideas.