Display: Welcome Back The Books Missed You

Display – Welcome Back The Books Missed You

This is by no means an original idea. I’d seen the phrase with related displays on Pinterest and thought it would be a great replacement for my old Australia Day display I traditionally use in the first week back of school.

I cut the lettering with our library’s Cricut machine and added a few summery items.

Over the course of the last few weeks of school, the layout of the library had been significantly altered. Collections had new names, books had been moved, new labels had been created and added to the books.

So, to help ease students into their new layout, I created a some posters to use in the Welcome back display. And, to my surprise, students actually used them!! I had a few comment that we had moved things but that they could find things from my signs and the new zoned area signs. Love it when a plan works!!


  1. happytonic

    It’s such a great idea! I’d be very touched by seeing a display saying the books missed me ❤📚

    • Madison's Library

      Thanks. It’s worked really well this year, especially when I combined it with the posters about the new locations of collections. I find when we move stuff it can be so confusing for the kids.

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