Book Review: Hope’s Highest Mountain

Hope’s Highest Mountain – Misty M. Beller – Hearts of Montana #1 – Bethany House Publishers – Published 1 October 2019




On her way to deliver vaccines to a mining town in the Montana Territory, Ingrid Chastain never anticipated a terrible accident would leave her alone and badly injured in the wilderness. When rescue comes in the form of a mysterious mountain man, she’s hesitant to trust him, but the journey ahead will change their lives more than they could have known.

My thoughts

Hope’s Highest Mountain is a romantic and adventurous historical Christian novel, about two people brought together by tragedy who face the worst of accidents and the elements to bring healing to a community. Touching moments and breath-taking scenery provide the perfect backdrop for this story.

Ingrid Chastain knew God was calling her and her father to deliver vital smallpox vaccines to a struggling community in rugged Montana Territory. She just didn’t realise it would cost the ultimate sacrifice. When Micah Bradley discovers a wrecked wagon, with three dead and one badly injured woman, he knows he must do what he can to save her – even if it means drawing upon the doctoring skills he left behind him after the death of his wife and daughter. As Ingrid recovers under Micah’s dutiful care, she presses him to continue her purpose to deliver the vaccines – but the journey will test their faith, their health and their fledging relationship.

Misty M. Beller has done a wonderful job of creating a beautiful story in Hope’s Highest Mountain. From the glorious scenery and rugged weather to the characters, who each speaks of a great love and strength. Micah is physically strong. He can wrestle carts up hills, survive the wilderness, carry Ingrid, fix her wounds and doggedly continue on. But his heart is hurting from the guilt and grief he carries from his wife and daughter’s deaths. Ingrid is spiritually strong. Despite the deaths of her beloved father and maid, despite the horrific injuries she has sustained and the pain, despite everything she has faced, she trusts God and sees that he has a plan for her even in such terrible conditions. But she is physically weak and injured and must rely on Micah to help her complete her journey.

As Micah and Ingrid make their journey, they encounter two other characters, both who are hurting from grief and who need physical assistance. They join Micah and Ingrid and together the four continue their journey toward healing – both by bringing the vaccine and through finding God’s love and mercy.

Hope’s Highest Mountain is a touching story and the start of what promises to be a wonderful series.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

More information

Category: Adult fiction

Genre: Christian – Historical.

Themes: Injuries, Smallpox, doctors, Montana, immunisations, romance, grief, faith.

Published: 1 October 2019 by Bethany House Publishers.

Format: Hardcover, paperback, ebook. 336 pages.

ISBN: 9780764234866

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