Book Week 2019 – Costume Ideas

Book Week is often celebrated with a themed dress-up day. For some, this is the highlight of the school calendar, for others they dread the day. Here are a few costume ideas that link into the theme for Book Week 2019: Reading Is My Secret Power.

2019 Book Week web banner 1200x500The theme and official artwork offers plenty of inspiration for costumes: powers, superpowers, secrets, transformations, hidden identities.


Comic Character:

Yes, you can dress up as a superhero for Book Week – even a commercially popular one. The superheroes we know from big blockbuster films were first spotted in comics decades ago. And if you are looking for a novel tie-in, maybe check out the YA novels from both Marvel and DC, like Black Widow: Forever Red.  So whether you are more a Wonder Woman (or girl), Batman or Spider-Man, there are lots of ready-to-wear costumes available is stores or perhaps be brave and make your own.

Max by Bob Graham

The official artwork has been created by author and illustrator Bob Graham. Dressing up as Max from Bob Graham’s picture book of the same name seems to have a nice link. It would also make a great group dress up, to come as Max’s three-generational family. Red capes, blue outfits, black masks, nappy for Max, pink hair for the grandmother… – it’s a simple, but effective costume idea.

General superhero

A nice idea for librarians or teachers is a more generic superhero – whose power is reading, of course. A face mask, coloured cape, bright clothing, t-shirt proclaiming their secret power is reading…

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker and illustrated by Eda Kaban

I love this bright picture book with an awesome message. And it would make a great group costume idea – either using the outfits from the book to style the costumes, or creating characters, eg, Super Mad, that express those down moments we all share.

CBCA Notables

The CBCA Book of the Year Notables and Short lists have been released and there are some amazing titles featured that would work nicely for costumes.

The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guess

The power of play and imagination, friendship and the simple fun that can be had with a box and some old clothes is celebrated in The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guess. Another fun group costume idea, it would be easy to recreate the favourite dress-up outfits displayed in the book.

Pig the Grub by Aaron Blabey

The eternally popular (and slightly horrendous) Pig the Pug is back – and wouldn’t it be so fantastic to dress up as Pig himself. Sporting a pink shower cap, cute pug-like tail, little pug ears and some face-paint for general dirty-ness would transform any eager reader in to the rude and smelly Pug. And if you are looking for a group costume, why not celebrate the previous 6 titles and Pig’s other past outfits.