Display: Wheel of Reading

Display – Wheel of Reading

Love the Wheel of Fortune TV show? Well, I love interactive book displays and I thought these two elements would be a perfect match. My focus this year has been on promoting our library genres and this wheel of reading was a great way to get kids talking about the different genres they might like to read from. They also loved spinning the wheel – so much so, that I had to make quick repairs mid-way through the week.

Did your school recently go fidget spinner crazy? Well ours did and I thought the fidget spinner would be the perfect, easy to access tool for making our wheel spin.

I cut the triangles out on out Cricut cutting machine, but you could easily print them instead. My amazing student library helper, then stuck them onto a large piece of cardboard and we covered it with non-adhesive book covering, to protect it all.

Initially, I glued the fidget spinner to the back of the wheel and then added another square of cardboard to the other side of the spinner as a backing board, which was then stuck to the display board. Unfortunately, this proved a little too rigid for our keen  little spinners and the wheel came unstuck.

I then attached the wheel to the fidget spinner and then the spinner to a hanging clip on the display board with a bit of string. This gave the whole thing more flexibility and resilience to robust spinners. Something to be careful of is using too much superglue, when attaching the fidget spinner to the cardboard – excess can make the bearings rigid (yep, learned that the hard way).


  1. Alicia

    Ohhh I love this idea!!! 😀

    • Madison's Library

      Thanks! It took a few modifications to get it working but the students really loved interacting with it (aka spinning it so hard it kept falling off the display board).

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