Storey Treehouse Read-a-likes Display

The Storey Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton is a huge favourite with our young library readers. We have numerous copies of each of the, currently, eight books in the series and they are usually all on loan.

This display is to help readers who love the Storey Treehouse series find some similar titles to enjoy.

Of course, the first comment I received from my library helper was that I had spelt ‘storey’ incorrectly. I cut the lettering on our library paper cutter and created the green and brown tree background with display paper. The plan was also to create a rope ladder with cheap rope from our local marine supplier and long sticks… still working on that. We arranged the books in front of the display, which makes it easy for students to borrow those that interest them, while the printed covers allow students the change to select and reserve titles that might already be on loan.