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Rachel Somers is America’s #1 relationship coach—America just doesn’t know it. Rachel writes the books, but her Aunt Donna plays the face of the operation. Afraid of their secret being exposed, Rachel has no choice but to keep up the charade or lose the big money required to care for her father.

Lucas Grant is a star of late night radio and set on achieving his dream of syndication. When a big-time producer calls, it looks like his hard work is about to pay off. But the offer comes with a catch—the producer is convinced Dr. Donna is not what she seems and he wants Lucas to discover her secret. To do that, he needs to win over her tight-lipped assistant who holds the key to his success and—he begins to suspect—his heart. Can love find a way through the lies that force them apart?

My thoughts

In One Thing I Know author Kara Isaac once again combines flawed, realistic and loveable character with seamless writing, humour, friendship and messages of faith, hope and forgiveness. I found One Thing I Know to be utterly delightful and a pleasure to read.

Rachel Somers lives a double life. She is the author of the famous Dr Donna relationship advice books but plays the part of helpful assistant while her Aunt Donna is the face of the books. She does what she has to to pay her father’s medical bills and to try to assuage the guilt she feels for him needing care in the first place. She knows that someone like Lucas Grant, radio host, sports fan and all round great guy, would never understand the duplicity she engages in, especially when it involves regularly presenting on his show pretending to be Donna herself. But when Lucas is roped into the latest Dr Donna tour, Rachel finds herself falling for Lucas and dreaming of a future that could all too easily come falling down if the truth is revealed.

I truly enjoy Kara Isaac’s writing. She had my attention instantly and before I knew it I too was tangled in Rachel and Donna’s plot and rooting for this story to somehow, anyhow have a happy ending. I love that Kara Isaac’s books are set in the real world. While some Christian fiction seems to be set in a magical world where everyone is a Christian and no one ever does anything questionable, the characters in this book not only struggle with their faith in God but also find the people around them to vary, some supportive and kind, others crude and rude, and all with differing levels of ideals about lifestyles and values – basically a glimpse of real life. Placing her characters in this world means they too must make tough choices about who they want to be.

The chemistry between Rachel and Lucas is tangible, but what I most loved about them was their gentle teasing, light banter and the way they just clicked. Their relationship might have had a rocky start and a few bumps (some of them pretty big) along the way, but there is no doubting their connection. Along with the delicious romance, One Thing I Know also weaves into the story a wonderful thread of friendship. Over the past ten years, Rachel had fallen out with her friends but through the course of the book and some extremely tough circumstances, she has the chance to reconnect and rebuild as she also faces the trauma in her past. I particularly enjoyed these moments in the book and found them rather moving.

One Thing I Know is a delightful story of love, faith, and friendship. At times funny and other touching enough to bring me to tears, this book had me cheering for the characters.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes: Relationship counselling, authors, radio, romance, family, grief, friendship, writing, self-help, faith.

Published: 12 February  by Howard Books.

Format: Paperback, ebook. 384 pages.

ISBN: 9781982103347

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