Book Week 2018 – Display Ideas

The theme for Book Week 2018 is Find Your Treasure.

The theme offers plenty of inspiration for displays: literary treasures, pirates, Treasure Island, under the sea and treasure hunts.


Official Artwork

The official artwork for Book Week 2018 has been released. Created by the talented Anna Walker, these gorgeous images are the perfect inspiration for a display.  As well as free email signatures and social media banners, a range of merchandise is available to purchase.

The beautiful setting of children and animals high up in the treetops is stunning. Our library plans to recreate this scene by turning the library circulation desk into a giant tree. Check out this post for more details.

Under the Sea Display

Looking for sunken treasure? Well, under the sea you go. I have always wanted to hang waves of blue fabric from the ceiling of the library, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Coral made from pool noodles, seaweed made from plastic table cloths, and a range of sea creatures made by the students in the makerspace. And every library needs their own mermaid. Check out this under the sea party decor from Press Print Party. 

There are so many titles that fit perfectly with this theme and which can provide inspiration.

We’ve turned our Junior Reading Room into an under the sea area – complete with a giant octopus (which the students have named Billy), schools of fish, jelly fish, appropriately themed lettering thanks to, fish and 3D paper craft sea creatures made in our makerspace, and seaweed made from strips of plastic tablecloth (recycled from the last project).

It’s A Pirate’s Life for Me Display

Treasure chest made from a large cardboard box? Tick. Gold doubloons (chocolate or made from foil)? Check. Eye patches, parrots, and pirate hats? All accounted for. Circulation desk turned into a giant pirate ship or repurposed old rowboat/bathtub/fridgebox as a cozy reading spot to sail the high seas? Still to be decided.

I’m torn between using a giant treasure map as the display background or attempting to recreate this gorgeous image from photographer, Johannes Plenio.


From Treasure Island to Anna Fienberg’s Wicked’s Way, you are sure to find inspiration in some fantastic literature.


Treasure Explorers

Not keen on the treasure-pirate connections? Well, what about explorers searching for treasure. Just like Calvin and Hobbes discover, you can find treasure everywhere. You’ll still need a treasure map, but this time maybe a shovel or two, a safari hat, archeological remains of ancient civilisations (painted, perhaps, or constructed out of cardboard), perhaps a labyrinth, and some booby-traps for good measure.

Or perhaps your treasure is to be found in a time far in the future, like in Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner’s new adventure, Unearthed. Spaceships or specialist treasure discovery equipment can all be added to a display to give it that futuristic feeling.


What is your inspiration for Book Week 2018 displays?

You can also check out my Pinterest board, Library – Book Week, which I will be updating to reflect the 2018 theme.