Infinity – Jus Accardo – The Infinity Division #1 – Entangled: Teen – Published 1 November 2016



Jump dimensions. Find the bad guy. Don’t fall in love.

Nobody said being the daughter of an army general was easy. But when her dad sends a teenage subordinate to babysit her while he’s away? That’s taking it a step too far.

Cade, as beautiful as he is deadly, watches Kori with more than just interest. He looks at her like he knows her very soul. And when he saves her from a seemingly random attack, well, that’s when things get weird.

Turns out, Kori’s dad isn’t just an army general—he’s the head of a secret government project that has invented a way to travel between parallel dimensions. Dimensions where there are infinite Koris, infinite Cades…and apparently, on every other Earth, they’re madly in love.

Falling for a soldier is the last thing on Kori’s mind. Especially when she finds herself in a deadly crossfire, and someone from another Earth is hell-bent on revenge…

My thoughts

Infinity is the exciting start to a new series, with a complicated love story, sci-fi inter-world travel, a dangerous bad guy set on revenge across worlds, and an independent and feisty protagonist. It sets the scene for what promises to be a fun series.

Kori’s father, general in the US army, has left on duty once again. But not before laying down his punishment for her sneaking away from home in the middle of the night and contributing to her town’s artwork. Some might call it vandalism, she calls it bringing colour and beauty to dark places. But her new babysitters are unlike the stuffy soldiers her father usually sticks her with. Young, loud, messily dressed and hot, Private Cade and Recruit Noah are hiding secrets from Kori – secrets that could throw her life into chaos and change everything she has ever known about her world and family.

Kori is still struggling with grief after the death of her beloved mother. Her father is even more absent and she only finds comfort in her art – illegal though it may be. The appearance of Noah and Cade in her life completely shatters everything. She discovers that there are multiple parallel worlds, once of which Cade and Noah are from. In their world, Kori was murdered by a man on the hunt for revenge and this world’s Kori is next in his sight. She, Cade, and Noah have just hours to unlock the brace around her wrist before she is dragged to the next parallel world – and she is unlikely to survive the trip. But that isn’t the only revelation. In the other worlds Cade and Kori are always together, and Kori’s mother is still alive. The advanced world jumping technology offers tantalising temptations and grave danger.

After Kori’s discovery of who Cade and Noah really are, and her mini freak out, things get more exciting (though I have to admit I didn’t like her references to being crazy). Kori is a strong and independent character. Noah and Cade are determined to protect her, put her in a box and keep her safe and Kori is equally determined to prove to them that she is strong enough to protect herself, fight for herself and won’t let any man tell her what to do. But she can’t deny the attraction, that spark, she has towards Cade. But she isn’t silly, she knows that to him she is just the face of the girl he loves. But she isn’t like the other Kori and she certainly doesn’t intend to give up easily.

While Cade and Kori’s relationship might be fated in other worlds it is far from settled in this one. Kori doesn’t believe in fated love, much less with a guy who seems controlling and over protective.

This book really lays the ground work for future books in the series. It introduces the technology, introduces the key players and how they fit together, and it sets the scene for more action, high-stakes drama, and a good old-fashioned love story. And by the end of the book, you know there are plenty more discoveries, fight-for-your-life situations, and high tension kisses to come.

The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

More information

Category: Young adult fiction.

Genre: Science-fiction.

Themes: Family, Parallel worlds, Science, Army, Romance, Art, Revenge, Murder,

Reading age guide: Ages 14 and up.

Advisory: Frequent coarse language, sh**, f***, a**.

Published: 1 November 2016 by Entangled: Teen.

Format: Paperback,  ebook. 320pages.


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