New Book Releases for June 2015

Here are the books due for release in June 2015 that have made it onto my to-read list. Click on the covers for detailed reviews.

Adult Fiction

Hover Hover – Anne Wilson – Forge Books – Published 2 June 2015

Hover is without doubt my top release for June 2015. I was totally blown away by this book. Romance, suspense, action and a strong heroine, it ticks all the right boxes. I can’t wait to share this with you. Lieutenant Sara Denning never planned on joining the navy. She is only there because her brother, one more man in a very long line of Denning military men, isn’t. But for someone who wasn’t going to join up, she’s pretty good at what she does. There is just one problem- she’s terrified of water.

Adult Fiction. Military suspense.


Young Adult Fiction

The Witch Hunter The Witch Hunter – Virginia Boecker – Little, Brown Books for Young Readers – Published 2 June 2015

The Witch Hunter reads like a cross between Harry Potter and a tale of Camelot, set in 16th century Britain. There is friendship, spells, magic, nymphs and wizards, burning at the stake, kings, evil plots, pirates, magical midwinter parties, swords and seers. Excited yet?

Overall, I couldn’t help but grin as I read it – it’s just so much fun. Light and yet dark, magical and scary, romantic and adventurous.

Young adult fiction: Fantasy.

Summer of chasing mermaids

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids – Sarah Ockler – Simon Pulse – Published 2 June 2015

I wasn’t sure where this book was going after reading the prologue, but was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful this story was. Elyse has moved to the coast of Oregon, desperately trying to escape the accident that changed everything in her life – once a singer about to take the world by storm she can no longer even speak. But the words she can’t say are drowning her from the inside.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.

Last Year's MistakeLast Year’s Mistake – Gina Ciocca – Simon Pulse – Published 9 June 2015

Told in alternating sections, this book uncovers what happened to destroy Kelsey and David’s friendship and what will happen after when they are reunited.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy this book due to the underlying themes and the characters, particularly Kelsey, although I know others have enjoyed this romance and the book was certainly engaging and I did find David rather sweet in some sections.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.

Fall LineFall Line – Tudor Robins – Published 11 June 2015

I really liked this book. The snowy crisp world of skiing is the perfect backdrop for a best-friends falling in love love story. With a likeable and realistic male teen lead, great mix of sport and romance and friendship and family, this was a very enjoyable book.

Chris has everything going for him. The ski season is just about to begin and he knows this year could be big. But as he starts to feel more for his best-friend, Tilly, he becomes terrified that he stands to lose her if things don’t work out.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.


The Night We Said Yes – Lauren Gibaldi – HarperTeen – Published 16 June 2015

Told in alternating before and after chapters, The Night We Said Yes tells the story of the night Ella first meets Matt, and the night he returns to town after breaking Ella’s heart and a year of silence.

The whole book is focused on a group of six teenagers and their relationship drama.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary

The Revenge Playbook

The Revenge Playbook – Rachael Allen – HarperTeen – Published 16 June 2015

Four girls, separated by their stories, beliefs, friends and interests, are united in their desire for revenge. Revenge on the footballers at Ranburne High and how they treat the others at the school. Revenge for the injustices committed against themselves and others.

This was an interesting book. I couldn’t put it down, but I wanted to slam it down hundreds of times because it made me so mad! It is original, fresh, moving and fun.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.

LevellerThe Leveller – Julia Durango – HarperCollins – Published 23 June 2015

Nixy is a leveller. That means she goes into the MEEP to pull out kids who would rather spend their days in the virtual reality game while their body stays in the real world in a comatose state.

This is a really interesting and exciting story. I’m not a gamer, but I highly enjoyed both the concept and the execution. There was lots of fighting, weapons and gaming action. A fast-paced book with great promise as a continuing series.

Young adult fiction: Science fiction.

Emmy & OliverEmmy & Oliver – Robin Benway – HarperTeen – Published 23 June 2015

Why did I wait so long to pick up this book? It was so awesome. I devoured it, loving every minute. It is equally funny and thought-provoking and touching and sad – but sad in a good way.

Oliver and Emmy have been friends from the day they were born. And then, when they were seven, Oliver’s dad kidnapped him, leaving a hole Emmy didn’t quite know how to fill. Now ten years later Oliver has returned home and everything is different and yet some things are still the same.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.

Faking Perfect Faking Perfect – Rebecca Phillips – Kensington – Published 30 June 2015

Lexi is sleeping with Tyler. She just doesn’t want her best friend, her friends, the whole school population or her longtime crush, Ben, to know about it. She can’t help but be drawn to Tyler’s bad boy vibe, but she longs to be perfect enough for Ben. Projecting a perfect facade isn’t easy though, especially when her secret life starts colliding with her public persona, and her family life only gets more complicated.

An easy read.

Young adult fiction: Contemporary.


Christian Fiction

Drawing FireDrawing Fire – Janice Cantore – Tyndale – Published 1 June 2015

Drawing Fire is a compelling suspense, with edge-of-your-seat action, plenty of twists and touches of faith and romance. Detective Abby Hart’s life changed the night her parents died in a fire. She changed her name, hid her identity and became set on finding those responsible for the Triple Seven fire and murders. But she was warned to investigate quietly, so she has been working her way up as a successful cop and now homicide detective. When she is called to work a second murder that points to a serial killer, she is surprised by the link to her parents’ case. 

Christian Fiction: Suspense.


Justified – Varina Denman – David C. Cook – Published 1 June 2015

What a beautiful story. Great characters, quaint small-town setting and romance to swoon for, all with a side helping of suspense.

Fawn’s life changed the moment she realised she was pregnant. Now she is seeing her town of Trapp and its inhabitants in a whole new light. Away from her family and the prestige and comfort it brought, she is beginning to question her faith, her choice in friends and who she can trust. JohnScott’s family reached out to Fawn when her family shunned her. He feels a desire to protect and look out for her, but is unsure if he could ever deserve to have a future with her.

Christian Fiction: Contemporary.

Married 'til Monday Married ’til Monday – Denise Hunter – Thomas Nelson – Published 9 June 2015

What a great story. Denise Hunter consistently writes fantastic contemporary romance with engaging plot lines. Married ’til Monday particularly caught my interest. Ryan is still in love with his ex-wife. His family are sure he needs to let it go, but when the opportunity presents itself to pretend to be Abby’s husband for one last weekend he can’t help but leap at the chance. Let the wooing begin. But of course, nothing goes as planned. 

Christian Fiction: Contemporary.