Book Review: The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You – Susan May Warren – Christiansen Family #5 – Thomas Nelson – Published July 2015



Mortified after her semester abroad is cut short, Amelia Christiansen returns to Deep Haven, certain she isn’t brave enough for the adventures she’s dreamed of. The last thing she expects is for the man who broke her heart to cross the Atlantic and beg forgiveness.

Heir to a European hotel dynasty, Roark St. John has trekked from one exotic locale to another, haunted by tragedy and the expectations that accompany his last name. Amelia is the first woman to give him a reason to stop running. He’ll do anything for a second chance—even contend with Amelia’s old flame, who is intent on sending Roark packing.

While one surprise after another leaves Amelia reeling, Roark’s continued presence only highlights the questions pursuing her. Like him, is she running from the life God has called her to? Could finding her new place mean leaving home behind?

My thoughts

I love Susan May Warren’s books. When I get one of her books any others are quickly placed back on the to-be-read pile so I can start reading hers immediately. The Wonder of You did not disappoint.

Roark St. John has returned to the town of Deep Haven determined to recapture the heart of Amelia Christiansen, the heart he broke during their time in Europe. But regaining her trust won’t be easy, especially with the home-town competition of lumberjack Seth. Roark will have to exchange his Ferrari and expensive French cuisine for a chainsaw and s’mores if he has any chance of proving to Amelia that she is the girl for him.

We haven’t seen a lot of Amelia in the previous Christiansen series books. From the last book we know that she has been living in Europe, recently Prague, but has returned home disappointed and broken hearted. And then, right at the end of Always On My Mind (the previous book) a mysterious gentleman appeared asking for a second chance. We know no more and I’ve been very keen to read about Amelia, her time in Europe and her mysterious beau (or ex-beau, as the case may be). While the book takes place in Deep Haven we are given short flash-backs throughout the story of Amelia’s European travels and how she met and first fell in love with Roark. While there is a bit of a love triangle, of which I’m never usually a fan, it never felt overplayed or too cruel. Roark is particularly charming, yet also vulnerable about his past and Seth is everything you could want in a small-town hero.

This book felt like an emotional roller coaster, one minute I wanted to shake a character or I’d put down my reader in frustration or agony only to quickly pick it up and keep reading because I love it, I love them and I just had to know what was going to happen. The Christiansens are one big crazy family and while reading the books in this series I have the privilege of feeling like an honorary member.

I love how in this series you get to keep up with the whole Christiansen family and other members of the Deep Haven community, many of whom readers will know from Susan May Warren’s previous books. In The Wonder of You, I particularly enjoyed the focus on Grace and Max, who have some big surprises in store. And wow, what an ending. There is a huge twist which sets up the next book, which is sure to be just as loveable and enjoyable as this one.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

More information

Category: Fiction

Genre: Christian contemporary.

Themes: Romance. Family. Friendship.

Series: Christiansen Family #5

Published: 1 July 2015 by Thomas Nelson.

Format: Paperback, ebook. 400 pages.

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    Can’t wait to read it!

    • Madison's Library

      It’s totally worth the wait, Natacha. I hope you enjoy it.

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