Hawk – Ronie Kendig – Quiet Professionals #2 – Shiloh Run Press – Published 1 November 2015



Raptor’s communications expert, Staff Sergeant Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe is struggling with his inner demons, leaving him on the verge of an “other than honorable” discharge. Plagued with corrupted intel, Raptor team continues to track down the terrorist playing chess with their lives. Afghan pilot Fekiria Haidary is devastated when a systems glitch on her aircraft forces a weapons launch on a safe target. And when the deadly bombing separates Brian from the team, he must make an impossible choice: save his brothers-in-arms, or save the woman and children depending on him to survive a brutal snowstorm.

My thoughts

The second book in the Quiet Professionals series is just as suspenseful, nail bitingly tense and action packed as the first. 

I love how the reader is dropped straight into the action, into the world that is the dangerous reality for the brave men and women of special forces. The story that began in Raptor 6 continues in Hawk, with plenty of twists and action along the way. This time we get the story from the perspective of Staff Sergeant Brian and Fekiria Haidary, an Afghan pilot who butted heads with Brian in the previous book. As the story progresses the reader is also given chapters from the enemy’s point of view, as well as from a few other Raptor team members. The result is a fast moving story, with both military action, suspense, romance, stateside life and complications and the great comradery of the Raptor team. The team move closer to finding the people who are targeting them, but will they be in time? Guess we will find out in the third book, Falcon.

More information

Category: Adult Fiction.

Genre: Christian. Suspense.

Themes: Military. War. Romance. Action.

Series: Quiet Professionals #2

Author Website: Ronie Kendig.

Published: 1 November 2014 by Shiloh Run Press

Available Formats: Paperback and eBook. 368 pages

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