Spelt Spelt – Roger Saul – Nourish – Published 28 April 2015

I have recently been introduced to spelt and, having bought some, was a little unsure of how to use it. Spelt was the book I was looking for. It begins with an introduction to the author’s journey with spelt. The author has a history of business in the fashion industry before he bought farm land and began first growing organic spelt and then milling it. The book follows with an introduction to spelt. It is an ancient grain that fell out of favour during the period of mass produced food. Spelt is now coming back into fashion and, unlike wheat, has not been genetically altered over the years.

The recipes range from simple, classic basics to delectable and fancy meals and treats that you’d be pleased to find in any high-quality restaurant. None of the recipes feel contrived, this is not a book with standard recipes with a bit of spelt added or substituted – each uses spelt in its own right. There is even a spelt choux pastry! I was most interested in the bread recipes. A friend had recommended that I try spelt flour, but I could never find a recipe on how to use it correctly. This is the perfect book. From breads, meals, snacks, pasta, breakfasts, deserts, sides, cakes and pastries, savoury and sweet, you will never run out of things to make with spelt. This would be ideal for those who have been recommended to switch to spelt flour instead of wheat, giving them a complete menu many times over. This is an epic cookbook in its own right, never mind the fact that it is all spelt based. Each recipe is accompanied by photographs and is introduced with a small paragraph, explaining the recipe, finished product or technique. You are also given tips, prep and cooking times, finished product quantities, a list of ingredient in cups and spoons measurements and detailed instructions. The book also has a thorough index, which I believe is a must in any good cookbook. And that cover is absolutely gorgeous. This is one I’m going to want sitting on my coffee table for daily inspiration.

Cooking. Food.

The publishers provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.